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Equity in Education: A Hope Based Process for Addressing Polarization in the Classroom

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 | 12:00-1:00PM New York

In this webinar, we will explore strategies to support depolarization within our schools and consider ways to apply it to curricula & classroom conversations.  Wilkens will unpack stories and lessons learned from Rwanda’s incredible recovery journey from the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi that took the lives of more than 1 million of its citizens.

Rwanda’s story is a powerful platform to launch meaningful conversations under the broad umbrella of learning to live together. We explore stories of the genocide and how respect leads to empathy, resulting in inclusion (REI).


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Humanitarian aid worker, Carl Wilkens, was one of two Americans who refused to leave Rwanda as thousands of expatriates and UN soldiers fled the country in the face of what is now known as the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi. Working together with Rwandan colleagues they brought food, water and medicine to orphans trapped around the city. Wilkens now works with educators and community leaders to inspire and equip people to respectfully enter the world of “the other”.